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+ (27) 71 986 9922
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Our Pride

We are Best In Civil Works ,Construction,Engineering & Research Solutions

The group operates under the direction and management of an active ,experienced team who add value through their industry expertise,deep market value knowledge,professional management and entrepreneural creativity

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Key Performance Areas

We Keep Direction Towards Growth

We had,over the past years managed to implement quality control procedures in all sectors to ensure that the product meets the stringent requirements and allows for traceability from outsourced human capital resources whose qualifications and experience has managed to produce a focused workforce through out and across noted economic sectors.


To utilize set formats on producing a clear understanding of inputs,resources ,requirements & risks for the final product.We cover Civil & Industrial Structure Design,Seismic Engineering,Foundation Engineering,Tunnels &Underground Engineering.<br />


With the other industry affilliates,we are active in the manufacturing of food commodities,pharmaceutical drugs,mining,construction and agricultural equipment. <br />


To be a key player in industrial & Commercial Establishments.To provide key services and professional management in any given task<br /><br />


Our Portfolio

Both QDR Managers and valued employees receive full briefing and training so as to have a complete understanding of the project scope. Company Executives have dedicated Senior Management who are on site regularly, as always, to maintain a high level of on-site visibility and presence.

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Team Management

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Further Projects Scope

Embracing Growth In Other Sectors

As a multi dimensional grouping whose values are: Passion for value creation ,Entrepreneural spirit,Leadership,Quality in all we do,Integrity,Accountability,Trust And Collaboration.

We aim moving towards a lifetime of opportunity by partnering with key functional areas of the Mining sector based on research and innovation across South Africa and part of the African diaspora.<br /><br />
We have teamed up an association of agricultural advisors with specialised competence in agricultural development,strategic planning,agribusiness solutions and projects management <br />
Warehouse & Logistics
This economic sector has been due to the need of having a specialised handling and distribution of materials and goods .This also prompted delicate attention and care to the storage and handling of food & medical drugs grade and general cargo.Logistical management in distribution and movement of goods across South Africa and African diaspora.<br />

Latest News

“QDR consistently delivers in an evolving and forever improving engineering services industry. Their attention to detail in ensuring that our service provider personnel have the credentials, experience, are safety conscious and are fit for our organisations culture raises the bar in terms of effective and efficient service delivery matching our business demand. We wish them future success and endorse their dynamic service offering to other organisations.”

Quality Over Workmanship

Placing the right personnel in the right positions is vital to the success of any organization or project.